Stop Killing Us

Ask yourself, “Why are Black people seen as such a threat?” No matter what we do, we face the risk of being killed by racists and police officers. We put our hands up. Yet, they still shoot. We follow all of the protocols. Yet, they still shoot. We sleep in our own homes. Yet, they come in and still shoot. Stop placing the responsibility on Black people to not get killed. Instead, hold the murderers accountable and demand the institutional change that is needed to put an end to these modern day lynchings. Our demands are simple. Stop killing us.

Videos of Black people being shot have become normalized on mainstream media and social media. These videos are one of the only ways to get people outside of the Black community to realize there is a problem. This should not be normal. We should not have to watch our people get murdered and shot on video for people to realize their is a problem. Nevertheless, this is the world we live in. Even with these videos as proof, people will deny the systemic racism and violence Black people are exposed to solely because of the color of their skin. Ignorant people imply the victim must have done something wrong that resulted in their murder. This is ridiculous on so many levels.

Why is it that police officers and white citizens have the ability to decide whether a Black person should live? Why is it that police officers and white citizens have the ability to decide whether or not Black people are a ‘threat’?  Why is it that Black people must live their life with the constant reminder that one routine police stop could result in their death if they are not overly cautious of their movements? There is no justification for the constant and never-ending threats Black people of all ages face because of their skin color.

I demand justice for Jacob Blake and the numerous other Black lives that were drastically altered or ended at the hands of police and other racists.

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