Stay Focused Academically

Whether attending online, hybrid, or in-person classes it can be difficult to remain focused with everything going on in 2020. However, I have some tips that can help you stay focused academically this semester.


  1. Create a daily or weekly schedule that you can refer to when you want to stay ahead and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Keep track of any due dates, deadlines, exam dates, or class times.
  3. Determine times during your day where you have some free time to workout or just relax.

Study in Advance

  1. Create a system for each class to review any notes prior to exams.
  2. Try to begin studying a week prior to the exam at the latest.
  3. Do not overstudy for an exam to the point of stress.
  4. Contact the instructor if something in your notes is unclear. 
  5. Write down questions that you feel might be asked on the exam.
  6. Know the broad overall topics and then study the smaller details.

Create a Group Chat

  1. Communication is key, a group chat with classmates can help everyone stay informed and avoid feeling behind.
  2. Group chats with friends can be a good source of entertainment throughout the day.
  3. Group chats with family members can help you stay connected while you are in college.


  1. Watch your favorite show or movie.
  2. Facetime someone to catch up.
  3. Go on an online shopping spree.
  4. Go for a run or workout.
  5. Try cooking a new recipe.

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