New Radio Show: Boss Girl Semester

Boss Girl Semester is a radio talk show that focuses on educating young women on ways to be independent along with being their own boss. A “Boss Girl” is someone who does not hesitate to take the steps to reach her goals and also strives to be independent in various aspects of her life. 

Throughout my show, I interview women from various stages of life who provide insight into how they are working to become their own boss. Being a boss is a mindset that is not limited to any particular occupation!

The mission of Boss Girl Semester is to educate young women on ways to be independent financially, mentally, and in other aspects of life. 

My show is a light-hearted approach to a very important topic, which is helping young women become their own bosses and be independent! Many opportunities become available when young women believe in themselves. 

Overall, I saw a need for a radio show that educates young women on ways to be their own boss in what can sometimes feel like a male-dominated world and industry.

Tune in to WVUA 90.7 FM on Thursdays at 6pm CST to listen to Boss Girl Semester!

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