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When I decided to attend the University of Alabama, I had a goal to be active within the community and create a program that focused on educational resources for minority students. This goal is what motivated me to create Becoming Black Excellence. After creating Becoming Black Excellence, I was inspired to establish Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine. My goal was to create a magazine that celebrated and focused on Black culture, Black excellence, and Black student experiences. Nineteen Fifty-Six will provide Black students with an outlet to express their written and artistic works that are often overshadowed in other student publications on campus.

Nineteen Fifty-Six will be the first Black student-led magazine at the University of Alabama. I wanted the title of the magazine to connect with the history of Black students at the University of Alabama. The title refers to the year that Autherine Lucy, the first Black student, officially enrolled at the University of Alabama. I wrote a proposal to UA faculty and the Office of Student Media during June. It has only been a month but so much has been accomplished during this time. During this month, I officially announced Nineteen Fifty-Six and have received positive reactions and support from the student body, faculty, alumni, and community as a whole.

I write this to say if you have a goal or vision you can accomplish it. Usually the first step is as simple as writing an idea down and determining the next steps to take from there. I look forward to keeping you all updated on Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine in addition to my experiences and involvement at the University of Alabama.

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